The Origin of Rocks and Mineral Deposits

Recent developments in colloid science now define the properties and behaviour of high-energy particle systems that account for the origin of mineral deposits and the many puzzling textures illustrated.
This e-book provides an opportunity for everyone to look at the evidence in the rocks and mineral deposits in the light of modern physical chemistry and recognise that it: -
1) - now provides an understanding of the principles by which all types of mineral deposits were formed.
2) - enables exploration managers to identify source rocks and assess the likelihood of ore occurrence.
3) - makes features in outcrops, drill cores and mine openings easy to understand.
4) - will establish Australian leadership in the Earth sciences if adopted before other countries.
Diagrams, illustrations, and a comprehensive glossary in this e-book describe the role of current physical chemistry in the formation of rocks and mineral deposits simply and clearly for everyone. The explanations have been examined and endorsed by the Australian Government and by our most authoritative colloid scientists. Its economic and scientific importance has necessitated detailed and competent independent verification.


The forty-two reports and extracts recorded separately on the CD could indicate the most thorough pre-publication examination of a scientific work in Australia’s history. If you are doubtful about the authenticity of the long-running series of research programs, please download or read the file Verification Reports.pdf below.
The e-book itself illustrates a large number and variety of examples of textures and structures preserved in the rocks and mineral deposits. Without the need for an in-depth knowledge of geology, everyone will be able to decide for themselves if they illustrate examples of former plasticity, diffusion, mobilisation, aggregation, concretion, syneresis, viscosity dependent on the rate of flow, syneresis, etc.
Exploration managers will recognise how understanding the processes that have led to the formation and subsequent modification of ore deposits will greatly assist their search. However, the application of this knowledge must be accompanied by highest quality exploration procedures, such as mapping, geophysics, drilling, sampling, etc., as appropriate to the systematic search for ore.
A very significant improvement in cost effectiveness compared with the average of 13 Australian companies over a 15 year period has been achieved by a company guiding its exploration programs by a developing understanding of the origin of rocks and mineral deposits. You can see further details of the economic advantage that was achieved by clicking here.


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